Part 18: Acquiring the Wave Beam
Two sweepers are ready to greet Samus near the entrance. Moving foward will cause a sentry to pop up. Take out the sweepers easily with the screw attack. Ahead there is a huge block of reappearing blocks. Shoot some off the top, so that way Samus can get up there to avoid all the sentries that keep popping up. Roll up into a sphere and plant some bombs to get through all the blocks. There is another set of blocks, do the same with
this set. After the last set of blocks the exit isn't far, blast the door open and keep going right. The next room is pretty similar to the last since it has two sweepers and a sentry near the entrance. Avoid or get rid of them as best as you can to be closer to high and low stacks where you can use your high jump effectively. After that will be the end for this room. Next room is similar to one you have been in before. Use your bombs to reveal a gap near the
door and then fall through the sand. Enter the door, now a set of platforms and five missles separate Samus from the Wave Beam. Watch out for the sentries along the way and shoot the door open with five missles to meet a chozo statue that has been saving the wave beam just for you. Leave this room and go back up onto the bridge in the green room. The next upgrade isn't too far, the door to the right will lead you in the right direction.
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