Part 19: Three More Sets of Missles
Shoot the door on the right open and enter a room with two sweepers and a sentry. Keep moving right and you'll see a huge block of reappearing blocks. Shoot some blocks off the top so Samus can safely move on. After the next set will be a solid wall with some secrets of course. You can reveal the secret passage by shaving off the top row of the big block and then shooting the wall with your trusty wave beam. Roll up into the tunnel and bomb any
solid rocks blocking your way. The otherside will also have two big blocks of reappearing blocks. After that is a few tall colums Samus can high jump over and then you'll enter the gray upgrade zone. Increase your missle capacity by five and now its time to go back. Keep moving left, pass the bridge room and the room after that to be back in the green room with 2 doors and platforms. Near the right door Samus just came from will be a
breakable block. Blow it up and drop down to the secret below. Go through the only door here and enter another room with a pair of sweepers. This room isn't that wide, after a few platforms two more missle upgrades are here. Collect them and make your way back up to the green room with two platforms and two doors. We're now ready to exit this area by going through the door to the left. Keep going left and in the next room climb up.
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