Part 17: Acquiring the Health Upgrade
The next room is a small room with a bridge. This room has a breakable block and it is underneath the door. Bomb it and roll through the gap, walk through the harmless sand until you find another gap. Fall through the gap to be in a room with a door, a drifter and a crawler. Enter through the door to be in a brown room. Watch out for the bouncing cell and hornets in this room. After the hornets will be a thin wall blocking Samus from the
Health upgrade. Blast the block and go through the gap before it reappears. Next will be a series of platforms and quite a bit of enemies for this small area. If Samus is weak, then its best to not worry about the enemies and make your way toward the Health upgrade. There is nothing else to this room, just go back through the gaps you have gotten here from and then make your way through the room with the wide sand pit and floating rocks. After that
room, Samus should back in a green room. This time go through the other door on the left. Samus will now be in a room with cells, hornets and sweepers, which all should be no match for the screw attack. After this room is a vertical room, but this one has a secret. Roll up and enter the harmless sand pit in front of Samus. On the leftside plant some bombs and fall through the gap to be in another room with a sandpit and a few enemies. Enter the door.
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