Part 4: The Other Way
After acquiring the Missle Launcher, its best to go left and exit. But if you're curious, lets briefly describe whats in store for you if you continue right. There is going to be a lot of hornet nests up ahead and if you don't want to run the risk of dying, its best not to continue. Once you've get passed the hornet's nests, you'll reach a door with a elevator inside. The elevator will take you to whole new area, but you won't make it far without collecting all the
powerups from the area you're currently in. If you're low on health and missles you can mess around with hornets like I did in this video. Anyways, lets head left and back to the vertical orange room. Go all the way up til you reach two doors. The door on the left leads back to the vertical blue room we came from, the one on the right leads to the new area. We could've went through this door earlier and then the one to the bottom. But it would
be easier to enter this area with missles since it is much larger and tougher. Enter the door to the right, this area is home to the glider. An enemy that glides up and down. They can be very annoying especially in groups. So now is a good time to equip that Missle Launcer since they don't go down very easily. The next room is odd since theres a glider trapped on the bottom, theres more then meets the eye here. Lets keep this room in mind for later.
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