Part 3: Acquiring the Missle Launcher
Keep falling all the way down til you reach the very bottom. A door will be to your right, shoot it and continue on. More divers, crawlers and some new creatures are lurking here. Get pass the divers and you'll be greated by a sweeper. A sweeper is a hunter that will just follow you to a dead end. You can get it off your tail pretty easily by outsmarting it. Once it follows you, just jump, it will fly up and lose your tail. A sweeper takes a few shots to kill
and can be very annoying if you don't outsmart it. While battling the sweeper you've probably got a good few hits from the hornet. A hornet will target your current position when it leaves it's nest and charge foward. It is very fast and can take from one to two shots to kill. Hornets will stop leaving the nest when you kill one with a powerup and will continue swarming after that powerup is collected. When there is more then one nest, it is best to
keep running and jumping to mess with the hornet's targeting. Keep moving right and you will see a vertical stack of blocks, they can be destroyed and will reappear over time. Its best to just jump on top of the stack and jump again to gain another powerup, the missle launcher. The missle launcher will come with 5 rockets, to fire a missle toggle your weapon with Select and press shoot. You can now also collect ammo from enemies.
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