Part 5: Acquiring the Health Upgrade
Lets move on, another area loaded with gliders. Take out one or two with rockets and dodge the rest. Theres a chance one of them might get stuck between the bottom and rock platform above. Next is a stack of disappearing and reappearing blocks, you can just jump over the stack. Time your jump so the crawler won't interfere with your jump since the sand on the bottom will drain your health. After the jump there will be some small rock platforms to
jump on. The next room is identical to the other room with the glider stuck on the bottom, its hinting something. But for now, just move on. The next room will have a glider coming toward you, give it a taste of your missle launcher. Dodge any others if you can along the way, if you're low on health, you're in luck because straight ahead is the health upgrade. It refills all your health and gives you another set of 99 health, so now you have 2
sets of 99 health. Perfect timing since the gliders wore us out and we still need to continue exploring this area for powerups. Since we're in great shape, lets go all the way. Continue going right after collecting the powerup. Theres another stack of disappering/reappearing blocks, just jump on top of it. A little further is one more, jump it again. Exit through the door to enter another orange vertical room.
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