Part 2: Out of the Blue
Next room is pretty cramped, its filled with crawlers. You can either run through to the top or roll up to take the bottom route. Watch out for the crawlers, either way you choose. There isn't much to do in this room now, so keep moving foward. The next section is very similar to the one you went through earlier, if you're low on health shoot down the divers as soon as they come down on you and shoot the crawlers off the wall and ceilings for a
chance in collecting a health bonus. The game gives you 30 health in the beginning, but you can increase it to 99 by collecting health bonuses. Keep going right til you reach a vertical room. From here, keep jumping up. You will meet drifters along the way, they just move left and right in a straight line. The drifters are invincible, so don't waste time shooting them. Jump from platform to platform, some of them will have crawlers stuck to them. Shoot them if
you need health, just keep going up til you've reach a door on your right. Shoot it to open the door, you will be in a small corridor that will transfer you to another huge vertical room thats orange. There will be more gliders and crawlers for you to avoid. But this time we'll going to go all the way down. You might want to take it slow, otherwise you'll lose a lot of health rushing down there.
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