Part 1: Acquiring the Sphere
As soon as you start the game, you will most likely start walking to your right because most games start out that way. If you do, you will miss out on the Sphere powerup that will let Samus curl up into a ball and have access to small tunnels. Of course you won't go far without it and will end up backtracking just to get it. So from the beginning, go left and keep jumping on the stair shaped rock until you reach the other side. There is a glowing
egg that holds the powerup for rolling up into a sphere, press down to roll up and use right and left to roll around. Press Up again to get out of the roll. Metroid isn't a game where you start with everything, you need to collect powerups in order to explore new areas. Collect these powerups in any order you want and you will need to do some backtracking for others. Going right, you will now see enemies appearing. There are wall huggers which just
crawl around to whatever they're stuck to. They're weak and are only there to annoy. Continue on and you'll run into these bat like creatures that dive down. Once a diver comes down, aim up and keep shooting to kill it before it hits you. If it misses you, its best to just keep running because they will self-destruct once pinned to the ground. Continue on and theres a blue door, shoot it and it will open.
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