Mario vs Donkey Kong

Twilight City, Level MM
Even though this is the last mini-mario stage, its not that difficult. Jump the gap and hit the Yellow Switch, wait for all the mini-marios to drop onto the second conveyor and hit the other Switch to move the group left. Once all of them drop down onto the third conveyor,
hit the Switch again to keep them going left onto the yellow blocks. Go all the way left and let all the mini-marios fall off screen. They're still safe and Mario has a few things to take care of. Go right and climb the giant ladder down. Grab the trashcan and throw it onto the platform above. Climb the ladder to join it, grab it and walk near the trampoline. Jump when the yellow laser is about to disappear and launch off the trampoline to the platform above. Throw the trashcan against the wall on the left, so that way Mario can get up there with a regular jump and so can the mini-marios. Climb the big ladder all the way
down go left and climb the next ladder up. Hit the Blue Switch on the right and walk left so the mini-marios can join you. Theres only one way to go and that is right, climb the ladder down and then climb the next ladder all the way up. Hit the Red Switch and drop down to wait for the mini-marios to safely launch off the trampoline. Go left and they should be able to jump on and off the trashcan. Wait by the toy box and lift it when all the mini-marios are in.
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