Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-6, Section B
This is it, the final section. Lets just get it out of the way. At the start, go right and duck when the yellow laser beam appears. Watch out near the tricky intersection where the yellow meets the blue laser. Continue your way right and use the trampoline to reach the
bar above. Spin around one time to grab the 1-Up Mushroom and then quickly drop down before the charge comes. Keep going right where you'll see a Bob-omb. Grab it and jump up to throw it to the platform above near the destructible blocks. Do this again for the otherside. Grab another Bob-omb to blast a hole through the floor. Get in handstand mode and drop after the red laser beam appears. Aim for the Blue Prize and when Mario hits the floor, jump and then jump again to safely land on the platform. Use the trampoline to go up once again and then go right for the other one. Watch out for the
yellow laser and get Mario up there. Build up momentum go over the spike pit. Keep going left and theres a wandering Bob-omb. Grab it and throw at the destructible blocks nearby. Grab the next one, dodge the lasers and throw it at the last set of blocks. The mini-mario is right there and so is a wrench throwing black shyguy. Just watch out for him and you are now done.
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