Mario vs Donkey Kong

Twilight City, Level DK
This one can be a bit difficult, but once you know the pattern it will be easier. A Bob-omb will drop onto the conveyor and where it goes depends on the conveyor's directions. Both Donkey Kong and Mario have access to Switches. Mario has two Switches on his side,
each is protected by a series of alternating lasers. Donkey Kong has a Switch right in front of him, but also has no place to hide when a Bob-omb drops. One of the best things you can do is to keep running around and don't look at Donkey Kong's side. While running around, listen for when DK hits the Switch, this is when you hit the Switch and the conveyors directions will quickly be in your favor. The game gives you a good amount of time to get the Bob-omb to DK before it explodes. After the battle it isn't over yet, another battle will come after this one.
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