Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-6, Section A
6-6 is the last normal level, right after this is the mm and dk levels. Take the elevator and get on the platform with the door. We do not need that technique the intro video show, you can still use it though. But anyways, lets do something different. Perform a handstand
while you're still on that platform. Walk back onto the elevator, jump once the other elevator is getting close. Jump again to land on it with the second jump. Ride the elevator up and grab the ropes. Go right and get on the elevator, duck so Mario won't hit the ceiling. Transfer to the other one and hit the Blue Switch. Drop down onto the trashcan. It should turn alive and make getting the Red Prize easy. Walk safely along the blue block bridge and use the robot to reach the ropes above. Once Mario is on the last rope, wait for the elevator so getting on top of the black shyguy will be much easier. Keep jumping off the
trampoline until the elevator comes. Use it to get on the platforms that are unreachable for the trampoline. Drop straight down to collect the 1-Up Mushroom and the Yellow Prize. Then take the elevator down and grab the Key. Get back on the elevator and jump onto the platform with the door. You know the rest.
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