Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-5, Section B
For the first part of this Section, the only thing that Mario has to worry about is not getting squashed by the little knights. Just duck through the gaps and jump over the knight when it is about to slam the wall. You will have to hit the Blue Switch in the beginning to be
able to climb up. On the next section up get on top of the little knight to reach the hanging blue ladder. Hit the Yellow Switch and climb the yellow hanging ladder down. Wait for the little knight to get Mario out and then jump on it to reach the other yellow ladder. Let the last little knight push Mario through the last gap and into the pit. Quickly grab the bar or else Mario will be doomed. Build up momentum to reach the bar above. Whatever you do, while on this bar, never press up. Slide Mario over the 1-Up Mushroom and drop. Don't grab the bar below but the one that is below that one. Go left to collect the Yellow
Prize and hit the Red Switch. Get on the red blocks and wait for the charge to pass, then grab the bar, build up momentum and grab the bar above. Go right and press up to collect the Blue Prize. Drop and fall down to the red blocks below. Now all you have to do is wait for the charge to pass, grab the bar and use it to reach the mini-mario. Once on the same platform as the mini-mario, do not jump, just get close enough to grab it.
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