Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-3, Section A
This level is really easy, all you have to do is make one robot not follow the same pattern as the other robots. Hit the Blue Switch and collect the Red Prize. Go all the way right and jump off the trampoline. Grab the rope and drop down onto the platform. Wait for the
robot to get close enough and grab it's rope. Grab the other rope and let go of the rope thats on the robot. Wait for the robot on the left and grab it's rope while holding on to the rope you're currently hanging from. Hang on to that robot until the robot on the right get close to hitting the wall above you. Let go of the regular rope to be hanging from the robot. Drop down onto the Red Switch. Nowwith the red walls up and the Key is free, go around again to grab it. Drop down and open the door, simple wasn't it?

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