Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-2, Section B
Jump on to the trashcan to reach the bar. Gain enough momentum to reach the bar above. Go right, drop down and perform a handstand once you're over the trash can. The trash can should become alive. Walk on to the platform, once Mario is close enough to reach it
and hit the Yellow Switch to be able to climb the same colored ladder. Up on top, you will notice two black shyguys guarding a 1-Up Mushroom. Watch out for the wrenches as you grab one to throw it at the other. Grab the bar and go left until Mario is right above the Blue Prize. Drop down, collect it and then grab onto the bar. Vault Mario back up to reach the bar. Go right and climb the yellow ladder down. Hit the Red Switch since we don't need the yellow anymore. Climb down the ladder and grab the black shyguy. Throw the shyguy into the pit and watch out for the bricks as you need to get on top of
him. Once on top of him perform a handstand. The black shyguy will take his time to the otherside and the mini-mario is right there.
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