Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-3, Section B
Grab onto the bar and go a little bit right. You'll quickly notice that the bar has an electric charge. Drop down whenever the red laser isn't on and go right past the charge. Grab the bar again if it looks like you're not going to make it. Grab the smaller bar and gain a lot of
momentum to reach the platform above. Go left, watch out for the yellow laser and jump off the trampoline. Get on the conveyor, dodge the laser beams and then go up to collect the Yellow Prize. You may not have noticed, but when collecting the Yellow Prize Mario will also hit the conveyor Switch. Go right to hit the Blue Switch. Take the conveyor back and grab the bar. Gain a lot of momentum to reach the bar above. Theres yet another bar above you, but this one has an electric charge. Launch yourself up there and quickly gain momentum to reach the Blue Prize. Jump right to reach the mini-mario and free it.
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