Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-6, Section A
There is a lot to do here, first take the elevator. The red blocks will force Mario off the elevator and Mario will land on the disappearing bridge above the spikes. It is best to keep jumping, so that way the disappearing bridge will slowly disappear. Get back on the
elevator and transfer onto the other. Climb the ropes til you reach the one nearest to the Red Prize. Make sure Mario is on the rightside of the vine, so that way when you drop down, Mario will land on the trampoline. Jump off one trampoline and land onto another collecting the Red Prize inbetween. Climb the next set of vines and drop down on top of the donut. From here, get on the elevator, collect the Yellow Prize and drop down onto another disappearing bridge. Quickly run right and fall onto the Blue Switch. Drop down again to ride the elevator and jump onto the blue platform. Climb the blue ladder up and
ride the elevator. Duck to get under the blocks and grab the Key. Jump onto the donuts. Go down with the donut all the way on the right and ride the elevator one last time. Jump onto the blue platform, then hop onto the donut and finally onto the platform with the locked door.
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