Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-5, Section B
Section B cuts straight to the chase, the hammer is right there! Grab it and start pounding some shyguys. After the first one, throw the hammer up into the air near the ladder. Climb the ladder up and wait for the hammer to fall into Mario's hands. Smash the sleeping
shyguy into the ground and throw away the hammer. Climb the ropes and wait for the cymbol monkey to get into reaching distance. Hang onto the cymbol monkey to the otherside. Take the trampoline up. We're not done with the cymbol monkey yet, jump on top of it's head, then jump onto the conveyor, climb the ropes and finally jump on top of the blocks above the conveyor. Mario will automatically grab the hammer. By now the spear equipped shyguy should be walking against the conveyor and under the blocks. This will give you enough space to smash it. Throw the hammer away and jump off the trampoline.
If the cymbol monkey is near enough, grab it. If not, then just keep jumping off the trampoline til you're able to grab it. Along the way, the Yellow Prize will be yours. From here climb the vines again, climb your way all the up and reach the top by jumping on top of the set of conveyors. On the last conveyor, perform a backflip to reach the platform above.Grab the hammer and fall off the left edge. Go right and knock out the two spear equipped shyguys. Throw the hammer up in the air and grab the mini-mario.
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