Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-6, Section B
We're now in Section B, after this is the mini-mario stage. Lets start the process by climbing the ladder up and grabbing the Bob-omb. Throw it on top of the blocks to the left for the 1-Up Mushroom. Grab your 1-Up and backflip back up if you have to. Grab the
next Bob-omb and throw it against the wall on the right. Once the wall is down, climb the ladder up and jump off the trampoline. In this area watch out for the canonballs. Keep taking the trampolines up til you've reached the Blue Switch. Hit it and drop down from the right edge, go left and drop down again off the left edge collecting the Blue Prize along the way. The trampoline should break your fall. Drop down again and climb the blue ladder down. Now grab a Bob-omb and hop onto the platform on the leftside. Then jump and throw the Bob-omb onto the platform above like in the screenshot. To get up there,
perform a backflip. Do another backflip to reach the mini-mario.
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