Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-6, Section B
For the last part of this level, do a backflip to land on the platform with the Yellow Prize. Watch out for the jumping flames while attempting the backflip. Grab on to the chain and avoid the flamethrower equipped Shyguy on your way up. From here, you want to keep
moving right through the chains and platforms until you reach the 1-Up Mushroom. Jump on to the platform, collect the 1-Up and quickly jump off the platform before it falls apart. You will be on top of the bubble and may be tempted to pick it up, but on the other hand we're missing something, the Blue Prize. For that we're going to drop to the right and collect the Blue Prize. After Mario recovers from the rough landing jump over the lava pit and watch out for the jumping flames. Jump on the Ninjis to the top and burst the bubble to free the Toy Mario.
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