Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-6, Section A
Lava will keep rising here until it can go back down. Walk right to the edge and wait until the lava drops down to reveal the platforms below. Take the elevator safely down to jump on to the platform. Quickly run left for the 1-Up Mushroom above the Blue Switch, you
don't have to jump for the Mushroom. Don't hit the Blue Switch, just drop down on to the red. Wait on the left edge and drop down once you can see the platform below the trampoline. Use the two elevators to cross down across toward the Key. Grab the Key and take the elevator up to hit the Blue Switch. Now, while still holding the Key, take the two elevators down and collect the Red Prize. Now theres only one way to go and that is up. Jump off the trampoline to the next level, throw the Key up on to the blue
platform. Perform a backflip on to the blue, pick the Key up. Next throw it up on to the grey platform with the Red Switch on it, do another backflip, grab the Key and jump on the Red Switch to activate the red bridge above. Take the elevator up and cross the bridge to reach the door.
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