Mario vs Donkey Kong

Fire Mountain, Level MM
You're almost on the top of Fire Mountain and now must guide the Toy Marios to safety before battling Donkey Kong. Start it off by hitting the Blue Switch to create a blue block bridge over the lava. Climb the ladder and keep going right towards the trampoline, along
the way the Toy Marios will collect the T. Jump off the trampoline and be sure to wait for all the Toy Marios to join you. Next climb up the ladder and hit the Yellow Switch. From here go left until you have reached the second Red Switch. Once all the Toy Marios are near you, hit the Red Switch. Cross over and hit the Yellow Switch, this will cause all the Toy Marios to drop down and collect the O along the way. Drop down to the yellow platform, you can hit the Red Switch if you want the ladder to appear or you can just do a backflip to the upper platform. Hit the Blue Switch and drop right. The blue
platform should be visibe with your Toy Marios on it. From here jump on top of the green blocks above the conveyor and fall to the left side. This will cause the Toy Marios to go walk against the conveyor for the Y. Now make your way right toward the Toy Box and once all the Toy Marios are in, lift it.
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