Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-6, Section B
This level is a pain, expect to lose a few lives trying. Its loaded with Piranha Plants sniping you from all directions. I highly recommend taking your time to learn the ropes of this level. With all that said, lets start start by grabbing on the two vines and then switch to the
other to the other vine. Avoid the spitfire and hit the Blue Switch. Now take one of the vines to the right and slide down to the blue platform, collect the Blue Prize. Now climb back up and go for the Red Switch. Hit the Red Switch and go back right, slide down a vine and drop down to the platform the Yellow Switch is on. Jump over the Yellow Switch and use the trampoline to jump to the next level. This level contains the Yellow Prize, avoid the spitfire. You must time it right otherwise you will get hit by the Piranha Plant's spitfire and will have to do it all over again. After collecting the Yellow Prize, its
time to go for the bubble. But there is something else, a 1-Up mushroom. Avoid spitfire on your way back down to the Yellow Switch, hit it. Use the trampoline once again to jump to the next level. On this level the yellow blocks will block the Piranha Plant's spitfire, so take your time. Time your jump after the spitfire passes you and quickly grab the 1-Up mushroom. Now jump and grab onto one of thevines if a spitfire is about to hit you and then slide down after it passes. Quickly run and jump to grab onto a vine, grab two if you can and then grab the bubble.
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