Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-6, Section A
This level is pretty straight foward. Use the 2 bars to launch Mario to the small vine. From the small vine, wait until the cymbol monkey gets close and then grab it. Then grab onto the other vine and drop down to the platform below. Jump over the Red Switch, and don't
hit the Blue Switch right away. Wait until the cymbol monkey below is above the red blocks, once it is, hit the Blue Switch. This will cause cymbol monkey to drop down to the level below, allowing you to hang onto it. Theres 2 vines, grab on to both and slide down quickly if you're a speed freak or just fall down and grab the vine before hitting the ground to break your fall if you're a speed demon. Either way, watch for the Piranha Plant's spitfire. Next grab onto the small vine and wait for the cymbol monkey to come into reaching end. Ride it and collect the Red Prize. Then grab the rhino and and throw it
into the spike pit. Collect the Key and jump on top of the rhino. Ride it to the other side and there you go.
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