Mario vs Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Jungle, Level MM
We now made it to the second level like this in the game. A break from the usual. Start this one out by climbing up the ladder and walking right, so the Toy Marios on the bottom can follow below and pick up the T. Go back left once near the trampoline and jump on
top of the Yellow Switch, keep going left, so the Toy Marios can hop on top of the yellow block and collect the O. Some Toy Marios might be stuck on the bottom so hit the Red Switch to free them. Go back all the way right and pass the trampoline, this will make the Toy Marios jump onto it and land on the same platform you're on. Next jump on the other trampoline and land on top of the red blocks, this will also cause the Toy Marios to do the same. Grab the vines and swing from vine to vine so the Toy Marios can collect the Y below the spike pit. Jump from the vine and hit the Yellow Switch to create a
bridge to guide the Toy Marios to safety. Walk past the box, let all of them go into the box and pick it up to finish the level.
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