Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-3, Section A
Up to this point we dealed with bars, vines, ladders and conveyor belts. We're still only in world 2 and got a long way to go. Now its time for the crumpling bridge. You only have one second to escape before falling. In the begining run to the green block and stop.
Perform a backflip to the platform with the Key above. Don't grab the Key, we still got some goodies to collect. Jump onto the vine and wait for the cymbol monkey to get close enough in reaching range. Grab the stick hanging out from the bottom of cymbol monkey. Collect the Red Prize and drop down. Quickly jump toward the green block. Perform another backflip and this time grab the Key. Use the trampoline and lean right, try to not touch the crumpling bridge. Throw the Key and jump to the middle of the crumbling bridge. Quickly run fast enough to do a backflip and collect the 1-Up mushroom,
hopefully you can land on what is left of the crumpling bridge and jump to safety. If not, then you might make it back up with the trampoline before the Key expires. Grab the Key and quickly run across the last crumpling bridge to complete the first part.
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