Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-3, Section B
This level looks so easy, just a bunch of elevators and one switch to hit. What can stop you now? A pesky bird? Well, actually yes. The bird is also quite annoying. It will fly in a straight line dropping eggs on you and then once it reaches the edge, it will then drop a
little and come back to drop more. The bird can not be defeated, even if you jump on top of it. You can get past this annoyance by standing on the green block in the middle and waiting for the bird to pass by. If it does drop a egg, you can easily jump onto one of the nearby elevators. The level can easily be beaten by taking the first elevator to the top. But of course we want to collect everything, from the beginning you can go for the Yellow Prize or collect it toward the end. Its up to you. Next go all the way right and stay on the green block as a precaution until the bird passes. Quickly go to the last elevator,
take it up and collect the Blue Prize. If the bird is nearby this can be very frustating. You definitely want to jump over it if you can, because if you don't it will egg bomb you from below. After collecting the Blue Prize head back and once again stand on the green block til the bird passes. Collect the Yellow Prize if you didn't and free the Mechanical Mario out of the bubble.
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