Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-2, Section B
Bars allow Mario to reach higher places that a jump can't take him. But when a bar is unreachable even for a jump, Mario can run into some problems. Luckily in the beginning of the level there is a barrel to the side. Pick the barrel up and place it underneath the bar.
Jump on top of the barrel and then jump to grab the bar. Theres pretty good distance separating you from the next bar, so build up alot of momentum. From the next bar, just launch Mario straight up to grab the vines above the bar. Cross over pass the spike pits and drop Mario to safety. On the platform theres a barrel, grab it and take the elevator down enough to throw it at the rhino guarding the Yellow Prize. The other rhino you can just jump on top of for the Blue Prize since there is alot of room for jumping. Take the other elevator to reach the bubble. Level 2-2 is now done.
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