Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-1, Section B
Once you start this level, two red blocks will block you from the other side so climb the ladder up. Avoid the Piranha Plant's spitfire along the way. On top there is a bar with a 1-up Mushroom above it. Grab the pole and launch yourself up to collect the extra life. Once
you've collected the 1-up, jump from the platform you're on and hit the Blue Switch. Fall down and climb the ladder, once again watch out for the Piranha Plant waiting to ambush you. The two red blocks are now outlines and on the other side are more Piranha Plants. Grab a vine and then reach to hold on to a 2nd vine. That way you'll move faster and give the Piranha Plants a harder time. Once above the first Piranha Plant make sure Mario is holding the vine to the right and press right til Mario reaches for the Blue Prize. You don't need to jump to the vine on the right to collect, Mario can just reach the
Blue Prize without the need to jump. Before moving on, grab two vines to quickly dodge both Piranha Plants protecting the bubble. After the second Piranha Plant switch to grab the other vine while still holding on the middle vine. Wait for any spitfire to pass you and quickly climb, jump and grab the bubble.
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