Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-1, Section A
We're now in the world known as Donkey Kong Jungle, not only do we get a new scenary to look at, but we also get a new set of challenges. In this world we will be doing a lot of vine climbing just like in the classic NES game, Donkey Kong Jr. To climb vines
faster, hold on to two while going up, hold on to one when going down. You can practice this with the two vines in the beginning of the level. On the next set of vines, there is a Red Prize. Here you can experiment with a technique that I like to call "reaching." Climb the vine next to the Red Prize until you and the Red Prize are at the same level. Keep pressing right until Mario try to reach the next vine. Instead of climbing to the next vine which is too far, Mario will grab the Red Prize. Now jump off the vine and hold up to hang on to the other vine. Climb up and do the "reaching" technique on the Yellow
Prize. Keep climbing and hit the blue switch, walk past the red outlines and fall down to grab the Key. With the Key, jump off the trampoline, cross over the Red Outlines and you're good to go.
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