Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-2, Section A
The mini-video before this level just combines three things you know already. How to pole vault, how to climb vines and how to grab a pole while falling. Use the bar to vault yourself high enough to reach the vines. Climb the vines, jump to reach the next set of
vines. Keep going right to reach the last vine. This is the part where we can try out the technique they showed us in the opening video. Jump off the vine towards the 1-Up mushroom, keep holding up to automatically grab the bar. While hanging from the bar, go right to drag Mario closer to the vines above. Build up momentum to reach one of the vines. Get close to the Red Prize and reach for it. Don't jump, because we're just going to slide down so Mario can land on the platform with the Yellow Switch. Hit the Yellow Swich, all the red blocks will disappear, releasing the rhino and two barrels in the spike pit. Fall
from the right side of the platform to land on top of the Key. Grab the Key and jump on top of the barrels. The rhino will not hurt you, he has a strong back and doesn't mind if you hitch a ride. Once the rhino is close enough, jump and keep walking left. Jump off the trampoline to unlock the door as soon as you land on the platform.
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