Part 15: Acquiring the High Jump
Make your way down. Pass the crawler and two drifters to find a door. Blast the door open to be in a gray room. Hop from platform to platform avoiding shots from the sentries. Ahead is a door that will take 5 missles to open. Inside that door lies the Pegasus Boots, which will make Samus jump higher then before. Roll up and blast an entrance to the tunnel. Go left, clear the tunnel of any rocks. On your way out, watch out for the drifter and the
bouncing cell. Even though Samus has the high jump, you still have to use the enemies as platforms. Near the end of this room are the smallest platforms in the game. Its hard to be careful and move quickly at the same time, but you will have to combine the two with the Sentry attacking from below. Exit the room and enter a corridor, just continue on into the next room. There is a variety of enemies that inhabit this area. One of them is the area's very fast hornet.
Its best to freeze it and move as they are lighting quick. Avoid the cell and the crawler near the exit. Next room is green, there is a door right in front of you, but don't go for it just yet. Jump up onto the platforms and start shooting up about two blocks from the right wall. Keep jumping til the rocks start reappearing. Samus should be in a room with one crawler and a drifter. This is the door you want to enter. Drop down into a vertical room.
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