Part 16: Acquiring the Screw Attack
You're not far from the next upgrade which is the Screw Attack. But first you'll have to get there. This area has three sentries, one of the best things you can do is curl up when Samus is on the low platform. That way they're miss and Samus can roll out of danger. Blast the door open with 5 missles. This room has a chozo statue which can only hold a valuable powerup. Shoot the orb to reveal the Screw Attack, which will damage enemies when
Samus rolls while jumping. Head back to the green room and plant some bombs to fall down through the floor. Samus will be in another green room and this one has the same hidden passageway. Drop down another level in the green room. Shoot the door to the right open and enter the next section. With the Screw Attack, Samus can jump freely without worrying about getting hit by enemies. Keep moving right and there will be a lot of floating
rocks. Use them as platforms to cross the wide sand pit. Near the middle of the room there is a hornet's nest and a sweeper. You will just have to worry about the hornets as the sweeper will become a one hit wonder with the screw attack. As you move right you will run into a wall, this wall contains two hidden tunnels. It doesn't matter which one you take as both will lead Samus to the same place. After the next series of rocks, the exit isn't too far.
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