Part 10: More Armor
Continue rolling through the secret tunnel til you have reach the other side and on that other side is a health upgrade. After collecting this you will have 3 sets of 99 Health with all three units refilled. Continue going right, there will be a few enemies on the other side that can easily be dodge. With both your missle capacity and health fully refilled, you're ready for a long trip for more upgrades. After you leave the area, you will be in the
orange vertical room. You have been here before, but may not realize it. Just drop down and you'll fall pass a group of drifters. Ring any bells? The door to the left leads to the lab where you have already collected the bomb upgrade, so drop down to the bottom door. You got to go through all this again, but this time around you are a lot more powerful. Blast anything that gets in your way and head back to the other vertical orange room.
Once in the vertical orange room, continue going left and through the small corridor that leads to the vertical blue room. In the vertical blue room, drop all the way down and take the door that leads to the beginning. Destroy any enemies you want except for the sweeper, we need to save the sweeper as it will help us reach a hidden health upgrade. Curl up into a sphere and roll into the gap. Try to get the sweeper to fly low so it can join you in the gap.
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