Part 11: More Armor
If you're having trouble getting the sweeper into the gap, then go all the way right with the sweeper following you. Jump when you and the sweeper are under the platform. Roll up into a sphere and the sweeper should now be following you at ground level. Go to the otherside and destroy the diver if one is near. There is a hidden health upgrade in the ceiling, it can be revealed by shooting at the ceiling. Samus can't reach it though, the trick is to
shoot at the sweeper to freeze it and use it as a platform to reach it. This video shows how it can be done. After upgrading your health again, go right to enter the vertical blue room. Go through the corridor that connects to the vertical orange room. Now drop all the way down and enter the door to the right. Avoid all enemies and destroy some hornets if you need to refill your health or missles. Continue on and into the room with a elevator. Take the
elevator down to enter a new area called Norfair. If Samus loses all her health units, she will now restart from this area. Find your way down to the ground level where there will be two doors. Go through the one on the left, in this area Samus will encounter the local sweeper. Freeze it or blast it and then continue on. Up ahead are some red hot spots on the ground. Samus can step on them without taking damage, but some can spit rocks. Be careful.
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