Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-2, Section B
This one should be a bit easier, since the bird isn't here. Take the elevator and cross over the red bridge and wait for the drop block to drop. Hop on it and kill two birds with one stone by collecting the 1-Up mushroom and the Yellow Prize. Hop back on the drop
block and quickly jump to the platform in the middle. Hop on to the other drop block and jump on top of the red bricks on top of the bubble. Keep going left and hit the Blue Switch, this will free the bubble and will make a wall of blue bricks that blocks you from the bubble. Run and jump for the Blue Prize before the bridge crumbles. You will fall down and must go another lap around the level. Ok take the elevator once again and this time the red bridge is gone, so now you gotta jump on the blue blocks to safety. Jump on top of the the drop block on the right and then hop on to the drop block to the left.
From there, all you gotta do is lift the bubble up and you're good to go.
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