Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-2, Section A
In 3-2 they introduce us to a drop block that behaves like a throwmp. It is just in a different form, a form of a grey block with red squiggly lines. You can jump on top of these things like in the intro video. Wait for the block to drop and take it up. You want to
jump off it before it reaches the top, otherwise you'll be squashed. Theres a Key and a Red Prize, first collect the Red Prize, then jump back on the grey block and jump to other platform with the Key. Another thing to watch out is that pesky bird is back. Grab the Key, drop down and avoid any flaming eggs. Jump over the lava pits and wait for the grey block to drop. The platform under the door is a safe place to stay since you have some room for dodging eggs. Once the bird passes, jump onto the grey block and then jump onto the top platform. Then you put the Key in the door and everything will be much better.
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