Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-5, Section A
We can now use nutritious fruits to take out wandering enemies below. If you see a banana or a apple near a vine, just touch it and it will fall. The fruit will not reappear once it falls, so you will only have one shot to time the fall perfectly. You have two chances to
try this against the rhino in the beginning. Otherwise wait for the elevator and take it up where you'll meet a new enemy. It sort of look likes a mechanical Yoshi, but it also evil, so I'll call it the evil Yoshi. The evil Yoshi can climb up vines which can lead to trouble. Try to take it out before it climbs the vines, because once you touch it, you lose. Then hit the Blue Switch and climb vines to grab the Red Prize. After collecting the Red Prize, keep climbing til you reach the last vine on the right. Slide down on it til you see a wandering rhino. Wait til the rhino is right below you and drop down. Ride it toward the 1-Up
mushroom and then attack it with the fruit if you want. Next collect the Key and take the elevator up, jump over the spike pit and you know the rest.
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