Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 2-4, Section B
To save some time, there are two things you don't need to touch in this level and that is the Red Switch and the Barrel, both are located on the bottom floor. To sum it up, don't touch anything on the ground. Alright, first off take the right
elevator up and transfer to the left elevator to the top. Collect the Blue Prize since later you're going to block that path. Jump back on the elevator and hit the Blue Switch to free the Yellow Switch. Jump to the elevator on the right and hit the Yellow Switch. This will free the bubble, but it also frees the Yellow Prize which is guarded by a rhino. I guess this is why they gave us a barrel for, but we don't need it. Jump on top of the rhino's back and collect the Yellow Prize. We're now all clear to complete the level. So go back to the left elevator and free the Toy Mario from the bubble which is on second level to the left.
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