Part 13: Extra Ice Beam
Now back in the elevator room, we just came from the door on the left and now will venture in the one to the right. This room has a orange color unlike the other violet rooms in Norfair. Two crawlers and one sweeper will greet Samus at the entrance.There are a lot of platforms ahead, quickly hop from platform to platform until you have reached a vertical stack of blocks. Freeze the hopper or shoot a few blocks off the top. Watch out for the
crawlers and move through this area. Next room is a vertical room, keep moving up to reach the next door. Freeze the drifter to make the platform above reachable. The door you should go into will now be within view. Shoot it open to enter another orange room. This room contains two platforms with two hoppers, but that isn't all. There is also a hidden passage. Freeze the hopper once it is above the platform. Jump on top of it and curl up. Place a bomb to boost
Samus into the gap. Keep rolling left, the next room has a locked door. Unlock it by firing 5 missles. Don't get your hopes high, its another Ice Beam. Why are there two? There is another weapon we'll collect later on that will replace the Ice Beam and maybe we might need the Ice Beam again sometime. Anyways, roll up into a sphere and drop down. Blow up the blocks to free the tunnel, enter it and blow up another series of blocks.
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