Part 8: Acquiring the Long Shot
Continue backtracking, if you've reach the other room with the glider trapped. You can blow the same section and drop down to the area that we saw a sneak peak of on the last page. I wouldn't suggest doing so, I did that and had a very hard time getting back up and died. So just ignore it and move on, anyways we are on a powerup streak so lets keep it up. Once you've reached the vertical orange room, enter the door on the other side, you will be
back to the vertical blue room. In the vertical blue room keep moving up until you see a door on the left. Shoot it open and enter yet another lab. Once again keep killing the enemies to gain 5 missles and shoot the red door open. Go in and collect the long shot. The long shot will extend your primary weapon's range. From here, go back to the vertical blue room and drop down to your first door on the right, we will enter back to the vertical orange
room. In the vertical orange room keep jumping up til you've reach a door to your right. Enter and you will be in a room with green color rocks. Roll under the small gap and get out of the roll. Jump to the top of the column and kill the Hornets til one drops a health unit or ammo. Do not collect the item, we want them to stop annoying us. Roll into a sphere and bomb the rock. There will be four tunnels you can roll up in. Roll into the highest one.
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