Part 7: Acquiring the Ice Beam
After acquiring the bomb there is only one way to go and that is back. Once in the orange vertical room, drop down to the door on the left, there is no reason to go up right now. Just backtrack until you reach the first room with the glider trapped on the bottom. Right here you want to roll up into a sphere and drop a bomb by pressing fire in the location with the hole as shown in the screenshot. Fall down through the hole before it reappears, you might fall
through the sand or land on a soild part of the sand. If you land on the solid part of the sand, don't be afraid to roll off and into the area below. Unlike other sand, this sand will not damage you. Below the sand are more platforms. Be careful on your way down, theres a lot of crawlers and some drifters. Keep going down until you've reach a door on the left, which is the only door in the area. The door leads to another lab and knowing labs, they lead to
new powerups. Keep killing the enemies with your regular weapon to gain ammo for your missle launcher. After the door is opened go in and collect the Ice Beam from the statue by shooting it. Roll up into a sphere and into the tunnel for a sneak peak on whats on the other side of the wall. You can't go there from here. So go back to top of the sand and shoot the weak area to crumple it. Wait about 5 seconds and jump, you should be back up.
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