Part 6: Acquiring the Bomb
We've just got the health upgrade recently and its hard to believe that the next powerup is just a few rooms away. You should be in the other orange vertical room right now if you walked right after the health upgrade, if you walked left, then you're in the first orange vertical room. This part of the strategy deals with the orange vertical room thats to the right of the health upgrade. If you're in the wrong room, then go back to Part 4 and follow along.
I just want to avoid confusion since theres 2 orange vertical rooms. Alright, now keep jumping up and you'll see only one door on the left. Theres more platforms that leads upwards, but if you reach the top you'll see a whole group of drifters. Keep this in mind and head back to the top door on the left. Shoot it and you'll enter a lab. In the lab destroy enemies with your regular weapon. You want to save your rockets for later. If you don't have 5 rockets
keep destroying enemies til you do. If you've reach the red door without 5 rockets, head back and the enemies should reappear. Keep destroying them with your regular weapon til you get 5 rockets. Now go to the red door and fire 5 rockets, it will open. Inside is a Chozo statue, shoot the orb to reveal the bomb upgrade. Now once you're in sphere mode, press fire to drop bombs. Exploding bombs on yourself while in sphere mode will make Samus hop.
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