Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-5, Section A
Alright six five, drop down onto a elevator and ride it all the round to grab the Red Prize. On your second time around, hit the Yellow Switch and jump onto the conveyor. Get on a elevator to reach the Blue Switch. Hit that and then and climb onto the hanging ladder.
Get on the conveyor, duck through the gap and grab the Key. Hit the switch to reverse the conveyor and elevator directions. Throw the Key onto the conveyor and go with it to the otherside. Before dropping onto a elevator below, hit the Red Switch. Now throw the Key onto the conveyor and the red blocks should should hold it. Continue riding the elevator to the Yellow Switch and hit it. Now drop down onto the conveyor, the Key should join you soon. Grab it and go left again to hit the conveyor switch. Get back on the conveyor, throw the Key behind you, duck through the gap and lead the Key to the
otherside. Grab it and unlock the door.
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