Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-4, Section B
At the beginning, hit the Blue Switch. Next climb the rope and grab onto the robot and the rope. Hold on to the robot and wait for the next robot to get close enough to grab it. When it is, grab it and hold onto both robots. Both robots should be all the way to the right next
to the wall. Now wait for the third robot to come near, grab it and hold on to the second one. The first robot you grabbed should be hitting the wall and the second robot. Once the fourth one is near do the same. All four robots should be close together, now just hang on to the fourth robot and cross the pit. Climb the ladder up. With all the robots all bunched up, it is easy to get the Blue Prize. Just duck to avoid the spikes when Mario is on top of the robot. Go left and onto the conveyor, duck through the gap. Take the two trampolines up and hit the Red Switch whenever the black shyguy is on the blue bridge.
Climb the ropes and hang from the robot to collect the 1-Up Mushroom. Drop down on top of the black shyguy, duck underneath the spikes and the mini-mario is yours.
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