Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-4, Section A
Jump on top of the conveyor and duck. Once on the otherside, grab the bar and vault up to the elevator. On the elevator perform a handstand and wait for the blue laser. Once you see the blue laser jump (in handstand mode) to grab the Yellow Prize. The blue laser
should disappear and on your way down, grab the bar. Drop from the bar and fall onto the bottom elevator, drop down again and hit the Yellow Switch. Go right to collect the Red Prize and start building your momentum on the bar. Watch out this time around as the red laser isn't blocked. Launch off the bar and onto the edge of the platform. Grab the rope, wait for the red laser and then jump for the other rope. Avoid the three lasers ahead and use the bar to land on the platform above. The Key is so close, but don't go for it yet. There is a laser that needs to be capped. Grab the bars to go left safely and hit the
Red Switch. Now grab the Key, go left and drop down to the platform below. Go right, avoid the lasers and fall down on to the conveyor. Throw the Key to the right, duck and grab it. Jump off the conveyor and onto the ground with the door.
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