Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-2, Section A
Hop onto a elevator and then hop onto the blocks. On the blocks perform a handstand, jump back onto the elevator, time your third jump right so Mario can reach the high blocks with the Red Prize. Collect the Red Prize and get on the elevator that is ahead of the one
you took earlier. Now transfer to the elevator on the other track. Take this elevator up and hop left to hit the Switch. Go right and take the elevator now going in the opposite direction. Perform a handstand, jump when Mario is close to the Yellow Prize. Mario will collect the Yellow Prize without needing the red platform. Land on the block, jump onto the elevator, quickly jump again to hit the Blue Switch. As soon as Mario touches the Blue Switch, jump back onto the elevator. Grab the Key, jump down to a elevator going up, hit the Switch and jump back for the ride down. While still holding the Key, jump onto the
single block, wait for the elevator to go pass the block. Then jump foward and in mid-air, throw the Key onto the blue blocks. Hopefully you timed it right so Mario will land on the elevator and have a few split seconds to duck. Quickly perform a handstand and land onto the blue blocks. Take a breather, then grab the Key and finally unlock the door. After all this, its only Section A. What will Section B hold for us? Hit Next to find out!
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