Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-1, Section B
So far, we saw many types of shyguys. This level adds another one to that list. The black shyguy, the black shyguy throws wrenches which float slowly in the air. You'll find out fast by climbing the ladder up and hitting the Yellow Switch. If one black shyguy throws
a wrench, wait for the other one to do the same. Once both of them throw their wrenches, quickly climb down the ladder before getting hit. The reason for waiting on both shyguys, is that when you hit the Red Switch, both of them will drop to the pit and you'll need both of them to cross it. Jump on top the black shyguy's head and duck. That way you won't get hit by a wrench from the third shyguy. Transfer over to the other shyguy and do the same. Jump onto flat ground and grab the black shyguy. Jump on the conveyor Switch and jump on it again while still holding the black shyguy. Jump again and this time throw
the black shyguy onto the conveyor. Do a backflip to get on the conveyor and duck. When you've reached the edge of the conveyor, its one of two things. Land on the black shyguy if possible or quickly grab the rope. Either way, collect the 1-Up Mushroom and climb up. Jump onto the other conveyor and collect the Yellow Prize. At the edge perform abackflip or a handstand to reach the platform above. Ignore the Blue Switch, slide down the ropes and this time go under the conveyor. Go left, hit the conveyor Switch and the Yellow Switch. Ride the black shyguy and then the conveyor, collect the prize and toy.
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