Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 6-1, Section A
We are finally here, the final world. This is it, six more levels and one more mini-mario and Donkey Kong battle and we're through. Okay, back to the game. Go right and dodge the lasers, take the trampoline up and dodge the dual yellow lasers. Jump to the next
platform where there are even more dangerous lasers. Take your time if you have to and jump off the trampoline. When the red laser disappears drop down, hop over the gap and grab the Red Prize. Now hop back over the gap and perform a hand stand. This is going to be fun if performed right, jump onto the green blocks and as soon as Mario touches the green blocks, press jump again to get on the conveyor. Once on the conveyor dodge the laser beams, grab the Key and then hit the conveyor Switch. Take the trampoline back up. Once again avoid the laser beams, keep dropping down. Next wait
for the red laser to recharge and drop down and drop again through the small gap. Fall off the right edge and Mario should be on ground level. Go left and avoid the last set of lasers that separate you from the door.
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