Mario vs Donkey Kong

Mystic Forest, Level MM
There are a lot of blocks that need blowing up so lets start by grabbing the Bob-omb in front of us and throw it against the wall on the right. Climb the ladder all the way up and don't move until the Bob-omb explodes. Quickly run right and grab the other Bob-omb.
Run back left and jump to throw the Bob-omb onto the platform above next to the blocks. Once you hit the ground, quickly run all the way right since the Bob-omb on the bottom is getting closer to your mini-marios. Then wait for them to jump off the trampoline to join you. The T should already be collected. Grab another Bob-omb and throw it against the wall to the left. Run all the way right and jump off the trampoline to the top platform. Wait for your army of mini-marios to join you. Go left and perform a backflip to land on top of the blocks with the toy box. From here, keep going left and the mini-marios will
collect the O. Drop down from the left edge and hit the Blue Switch. All your mini-marios should have fallen with you. Theres now a Bob-omb getting closer and the mini-marios are trapped. Wait for the Bob-omb to exit the gap and grab it. Now jump on top of the mini-marios and throw the Bob-omb to the platform above. Climb the ropes and climb the ladder down, you should be with your mini-marios and the Y is also collected. Go right and grab the Bob-omb. Keep going right and throw it past the trampoline. Jump off the trampoline and go as right as the screen lets you. The mini-marios will jump off the trampoline, once all them are with you, go left and let them go inside the toy box. Now just lift it.
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